Bass Lesson on Jazz Standards by Tony Grey

Bass Lesson on Jazz Standards by Tony Grey

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**In This Bass Lesson, I show you; The Analysis of a Progression Based on the Changes to ‘All the Things You Are’. Jazz is an amazing art form where we are able to express and explore our ideas with no limitations. There are literally infinite ways to play a solo you just want to make sure you are armed with as many options as possible to create your own world as an improvising musician.


  1. You are my new favourite bass player. I want to be as good as you.

  2. Tony, i like your playing and teaching style and your bass tone. I've followed a few players/teachers online and I think you are the best. I like the way you focus on delivering the lesson and not getting too personal. And you don't have all these distracting gestures when you play and you simply just don't talk too much. I also bought one of your books with accompanying DVD which is very helpful.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Tony, to be honest, this is the best video lesson yet. To me we know you can play well, its this kind of instructional focus that is valuable to the least of us. keep up the good work….

  4. Tony, thanks for the analysis, I really enjoyed this informal approached to theory. I must say though that it was just too short. In addition for future classes please use a bigger board and darker pen. As for myself I could sit here and watch this all day, this just opened a hole new window for me. Thank .

  5. less play with the bass while giving a lesson is the very effective idea. im a bassist also from philipines and also like some jazz stuff.. for me you are the one of the best teacher TONY great job man…

  6. Is there a follow up to this video, where we can hear you play through the progression? Thanks for the great lesson, Tony.

  7. Dude, thats not the way Jazz man look at it. If u have C7 chord, NO real jazz bassist looks at it from an Ab Ionian scale. We see it as the CHORD TONES C, E, G, Bb and u link the in between with simple PASSING TONES and Approach Notes. Its that simple. All of this scales view is over complicating what is a realll easy approach!

  8. Love the lesson Bro! This might be a dumb question but where did you get that dry erase board and who makes it?

  9. This chord progression is All the things you're?

  10. whoooooops Honkey TonTon you found it 🙂 well spotted sir

  11. Great lesson but just one thing,
    at 14:22 you mention the F#minor 7 and the say we are in Eb major for three bars but I think it should be E major, the F# being the II of an E major ii-V-I
    I think it's a mistake, maybe put in an annotation correcting it?

  12. Thanks Tony !!

  13. Awesome video Tony.

  14. Thanks !

  15. very very usefull lesson !

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