Bass Lesson – Pentatonic Scale Patterns

Bass Lesson - Pentatonic Scale Patterns

A bass guitar lesson on the pentatonic scale patterns.


  1. your lessons are so clean, and actually explains things thought rather than "assume" like all the other lesson vids -.-, thank you :p

  2. Really helpful indeed, thanks

  3. I play 5-string so this guy was really helpful

  4. to add the be string in you just start on it….. and youll still be playing a scale

  5. Jonathan Briedenhann


  6. beautifully explained..:) keep posting more bass scales to add into a song.!! that'll be nice too..!

  7. thank you awsome skilled man^^

  8. Alessandro Santos

    you have books to study their methods to sell? I live in Brazil I really want to learn bass

  9. God bless u

  10. Aaron, what a great job you did explaining pentatonic scales! I'm a self-taught bass player with over 30 years of playing experience that is just learning about pentatonic scales. The best part is, if we never meet in this lifetime, I'll get to thank you in person in heaven, as we are brothers in Christ! Can't wait to check out your band.

  11. this was awesome information….loved it! makes so much sense. Thanks

  12. thannk, very useful and informative, but but for my understanding it's hard when it is explained in english.. I don't get it totally.. but as time comes…..

  13. Wow, this lesson was really good!

    Keep teaching my man!

  14. Good pentatonic scale lession Arron!! Thx!!

  15. All I can say is Awesome. As a beginner self taught I needed some basic understanding and this video really did justice, LOVE IT, KEEP THEM COMING….

  16. Pretty cool lesson man. I finally get clear and practical understanding on how to flirt with the pentatonic scale. thanks! Keep them coming pls.

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