Bass Lesson: Queen: Another one bites the dust

Bass Lesson: Queen: Another one bites the dust – also a good exercise for timing and pocket play!

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Bass Lesson: Queen: Another one bites the dust


  1. It's not playing "quickly" that matters…it's proper execution of the staccato notes that matters…if you can play them properly against the vocals and the beat then it will sound right. Playing the riffs quickly will definitely make you sound like shit!

  2. Thank you for your help,this is an easy song to learn but to sound good it helps to work at it.

  3. Chester The Molester

    Thank you so much man this is the help I've found on YouTube

  4. DolphinLegend 6444

    Another great lesson bites the dust


  5. I didn't know Louis CK played bass

  6. Mate, I appreciate your effort, but that extra 'ghost note' you are adding just doesn't add any more groove to the song…On the contrary, it just takes away the magic of the original riff.
    I wouldn't substitute that original longer note for a quick double one.
    But anyway, your work helps to spead good music, so right on it!

  7. excellent

  8. Please come back !!!

  9. u ugly

  10. good to practice for timing =)

  11. You're GREAT MAN, but can you speak a little slower when telling us the frets and notes so I can write them down. THANKS !

  12. Rapperinthecrapper

    this is the purple smoke for bassists

  13. メロディー

  14. I don't even play bass guitar but I love your videos! 😀

  15. only been playing for 2 weeks I'm now good at stand by me white stripes and just started to get this one now 🙂

  16. がんばって!

  17. Could you help me with 2 songs me and my freinds have a talent compotition on Monday and I've only been playing about 3 months there country song boys from the south pistol Annie's and ride with me Cody Johnson

  18. A tip for everyone. Don't go to anyone else other than this guy he's amazing for beginners

  19. Thanks for the help:) just started bass and you make it really clear thanks

  20. Your the best person i could find on YouTube.Please do some more beginner lessons beacause im a beginner myself and i cant find any one else to watch. Thanks

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