Bass Lesson: Radiohead: Creep

My rendition of the Bass line in this great song, by Radiohead. This is an early lesson of mine, but I hope you still learn something from it!

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  1. Anyone 2017/2018

  2. Thanks!! It helps me a lot!!

  3. Puto bastardo deja de hablar y ponte a tocar hijo de toda tu puta madre

  4. I just picked up the bass yesterday and this is the first song I learnt to play thanks to your vid! 😀

  5. hey buddie … this a ibanez bass?

  6. thanks for what you do. great website

  7. came across your videos and here i am playing my bass 3 years after i quit! cheers man!

  8. perriwinkledice

    fuck, this really helped, thanks!

  9. thank you so much!!! you're an amazing teacher.

  10. I did it!!!! yay!

  11. use an amp

  12. twinklesprinkle12

    Thanks for a brilliant tutorial!  Can't find many tutorials where they show what the fingers are doing and as a learner I get confused if I can't see them.   happy I can get to learn one of my fave songs  : )

  13. cool lesson

  14. What's that black thing in front of you?

  15. No open A, listen to the song!

  16. not bad but no open strings has to be played.

  17. I have no idea what it did to the quotation marks but when ever it says &quote it means beginning 9r end quotations, sorry

  18. Lesson was really really cool, I have a few suggestions if youd like to try them, "animal I have become" and "I hate everything about you" by three days grace, "fake it" by seether, and "I just wanna run" by the downtown fiction, those are just a few of the songs my band is dying to play and we can find tutorials for everything except bass (for the most part) anyway thanks in advance, you rock

  19. Thanks 🙂

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