BASS LESSON – Tennessee Whiskey

This video is about BASS LESSON – Tennessee Whiskey
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  1. thank yo so much Mr Randall! is it to much for a couple bass lessons on soulshine, Curtis lowe ?

  2. Thank you. Perfect lesson and breakdown. Just learning bass.

  3. Thank you can you do Parachute this helps so much

  4. Thank you from Brazil for this great lesson.

  5. Awesome lesson, you make things really clear.  Thanks

  6. Thank you for this great lesson. My band mates wanted to play this and I was able to get the groove quickly thanks to you!

  7. Thank you so much. Easy to understand and easy to follow.

  8. Thank you!!!!!!

  9. Great lesson, Mr Randall. Thank you SO much.

  10. Thank you so much.. greetings from Austria 🙂

  11. can u do easy bass lesson for midland  burn out

  12. Killer axes. What brand/model are they?

  13. Thank you Mr. The Randall great job I'm slow and I gotta you broke it down just right keep them coming .

  14. Nice and easy. Solid explanation. Thanks for posting!

  15. Thank you. Very good explanation.

  16. Laraine Latourette

    I like your style of communicating this music. I was able to follow and play without frustration of trying to figure out what's what because of your tabs and playing the whole song at the end. Thank you.

  17. Very understandable, enjoy your teaching style. Thank you.

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