BASS LESSON: The Double Thumb Bass Technique by Evan Brewer

Join instructor Evan Brewer for this lesson from his Right Hand Technique for Bass Guitar series. Evan uses this versatile technique all the time in his own playing. The economy of motion in this technique will seriously improve your speed and facility on the instrument!

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  1. This is the best video Ive found on the utility of real life double thumbing.

  2. That was extremely useful. Thanks!!!

  3. I was wondering if certain bass guitars are better suited for slap and double thumb techniques?

  4. My thumb starts bleeding almost every time I practice for a little while. I wait for it to heal up and the same thing happens again. Where do I get the U shaped thumb that Evan has?

  5. I know exact what I’m supposed to be doing

    But I can’t physically do it. At all

    Been trying to practice this for months now and still can’t do this

  6. Learning this on guitar

  7. I usually don't like Warwicks, but the color combinations and sound of that one is really nice. Does anyone know whether it is custom? If not – what is the model/color?

  8. His thumb is all munted

  9. Double thumbs up!

  10. one of the best bass lessons on youtube

  11. Which string gauge do you use here? I've noticed that when double thumping a light gauge E string tends to buzz on the fretboard and I like a low action…

  12. He explained this in a way that helped me tremendously. Thanks Evan!

  13. C L E A N – I N S T R U C T I O N S anD grEAt VOicE

  14. Konstantine Farris

    hey man thanks for this vid, def helping me out a lot with getting this shit down! do you have any tips for perfecting this technique standing up? maybe its the shape/layout of my bass that makes it difficult (thunderbird style) but it feels unnatural. appreciate it!

  15. ever considered working on a radio station?

  16. Can I get some help guys? I've kind of got the thumbing technique but I can't start efficiently plucking, it feels awkward as hell and very uncomfortable.

  17. Not being an elitist or something but this is why I always tell fellow bass players to put their thumb parallel to the string. Not doing what Flea does. I have respect for Flea but to become a better slap bassist put the thumb parallel to the string. So you can do double thumbing.

  18. Hey everyoneIs Evan resting his right elbow/arm on the body of the bass? It's difficult to see because he's wearing black. Hope this kinda makes sense!Thanks in advanceBob

  19. Personally, I've never liked the double thumb because the upstroke isn't consistent with the downstroke. Even with experienced players.

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