Bass Lessons – Basic 12 Bar Blues For Bass Guitar – Easy Basslines

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  1. Kristie Peterson

    love this. Very easy to follow. Thank you!

  2. Thanks. This really helps.

  3. Thanks for the great lesson! I'm a total beginner at the bass, and this is perfect.

  4. perfect, just watched and listened to the first 25 seconds a couple times and got it. thank you! Wait, woah, dude's got a huge F-hole in his arm!

  5. Blake Southerland

    best lesson on youtube

  6. Steve Withington

    Fantastic lesson for the beginner: clear, to the point, achievable and useful. Thanks :)

  7. Signed in just to comment. Your way of teaching is excellent. Very specific, repetitive enough, and starts off slow. Buildup was excellent too. Thank you for posting.

  8. red walker youtube

    A good person to learn from, gets to the point. Cant wait to find more.

  9. what song is that he is playing?

  10. Buzz buzz, buzz buzz, buzz buzz, buzz buzz… =)

  11. Nice, ty for that!

  12. Awesome! Thank you so much for explaining this so clearly. This has been my first thing that I have ever learned on base and I love it.

  13. Jewish Evangelist

    Someone tell this guy "chords" are three notes or more played at the same time.


  15. thro away the fusszzzbasss!!!pleas

  16. Thank you!  :)

  17. you look like kenny from the walking dead game lol

  18. Buzziest bass ever!!!

  19. I play guitar why am I on this lol

  20. Sounds like "stop breaking down"
    Check out widespread panics version

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