Bass Lessons: Counting & Timing (Rhythm for beginners)


If you’ve ever been lost, you know how helpful directions can be. If you’re lost trying to learn a song, some of the directions are easy enough to understand: use this finger on such and such fret of this string. But when it comes to timing and rhythm, the directions are not so clear. Free yourself from the often error-prone practice of trying to duplicate rhythm by ear by starting to learn how to understand rhythmical directions.
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  1. Beat and Rhythm nobody explains these things.. I'm just a beginner great video thank you Vin..great instruction hope you make more videos..

  2. Thanks for the valuable lesson

  3. When are you going to release nxt video? Thanks in advance.

  4. Good lesson. Thanks a lot.

  5. Yes from brasil

  6. The Hobby Creative I Kerry Thompson

    Excellent lesson. Subbed.

  7. I like the way you teach, you are direct and very detailed

  8. Good info , BUT I can't hear the Bass .

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