Bass Song Tutorial 5 – TWIST AND SHOUT // BASS Lessons for Beginners

Bass Song Tutorial 5 - TWIST AND SHOUT // BASS Lessons for Beginners

‘TWIST AND SHOUT’ free GUITAR lesson:►

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The ‘Andy Guitar Band’ members are;
Andy: Vocals and guitar
Thomas McConville: Guitar
Chris Skelly: Bass
Thom Mills: Drums

Drum tutorials for this series will go live soon on the ‘Thom Mills Drums’ YouTube channel here

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  1. Great series, especially for me – a beginner bass player. More, more, please!

  2. Awesome job Andy and the dog is great. My dog is the only one who will listen to me when I practice lol. Great to make this series so much fun. Keep up the great work and you and the Band make it great and easy to learn.

  3. Paris Ramírez

    This program is one of the best things to ever happen to yt

  4. Jamvhille Blanza

    ❤️.. i wish.. love it tnx andy

  5. Awesome video. Thank you guys.

  6. some tabs would be nice mate

  7. For guitarists looking for a bass to try that instrument : a danelectro longhorn bass is great. Not expensive, sounds good and because of the way the body is designed you do not have too stretch too far.

  8. Great lesson ! I am going to use these lessons to record my own covers off these songs !!
    BTW wouldn't a lesson series "bass guitar for guitarists" be a good idea !

  9. Balogun Abayomi Joseph

    OK so I can play bass with a pick

  10. Sarahi García

    Toooooooooooo fast

  11. Russell Newton

    Your as daft with that dog as I am with mine Andy.

  12. Do I wanna hold your hand please

  13. One dislike by Davie504 for no slapping…..

  14. Dogs and Guitar, the best.

  15. Andy you starman
    Please do Silvia by Focus

  16. man i gotta say, ur 10 days guitar chalange were helpful, im on my 3rd day tomorrow and im learning much faster. thanks man

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