Battery Guitar Lesson (Intro) – Metallica

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In this Battery guitar lesson video series, I will show you in-depth how to play this incredible opening track off of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets album.

In the first video, I will show you how to play the intro section which contains a lot of harmony guitar parts on both acoustic and electric.

In the second video I will show you the main riff of the song.

This riff will challenge just about every metal and rock guitarist. It requires a machine gun like picking hand technique along with extremely quick left hand shifts.

Just as I demonstrate in the video lesson, I think it is best to get the picking hand pattern down first before attempting to put it all together with the fretting hand.

Pay close attention to the portion of the lesson where I demonstrate the picking pattern. Then, practice that for a few days until you can play it pretty much up to speed on just one string before adding the fret hand.

Then when you put everything together, practice each section of the riff separately like I teach it in the lesson. That will assure that you can get everything together without getting sloppy.

Try to keep the palm muting tight and the rhythms very precise. Also, focus on keeping your picking hand wrist and forearm very relaxed. Keeping the picking hand tension at the smallest amount possible will help you get everything up to speed while making sure your technique stays solid.

In the third video lesson I will demonstrate the rest of the song including the guitar solos.

I hope you guys can make it through this great guitar workout! #batteryguitarlesson #metallica #guitarcovers

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  1. Thanks so much! I really like the acoustic openings by Metallica so you think you could do fight fire with fire?

  2. metallicanın en iyi introsu

  3. I am brazilian and i love u


  5. 8:40 F U C K

    looks difficult but I’m sure i can get the hang of that after a minute or two

  6. Thanks Carl for bringing me Back into guitar playing with your Metallica Videos after a Long time 🙂

  7. In which scale acoustic part written?

  8. Florence Ignatius

    I love your lessons, they are really helping me improve. I'd like to request Garden by Pearl Jam because I an't find a good video for it anywhere. Btw, I have a faith mini-Saturn, which is really similar to yours but smaller, lovely guitars 🙂

  9. Can someone tell me how guitars on battery works, and did your guitar must to be plugged into something

  10. 08:40 that finger strech

  11. What tuning?

  12. sweet tooth the clown

    Sucks to play if you don't have long fingers!

  13. What type of guitar is that (Brand and Version)

  14. Itll be a while until I can reach that last chord

  15. Ugh. I can't seem to get the hammer on right

  16. never look at him smiling before

  17. 0:48 that face you make when the guy with all the guy guns on call of duty zombies downs and he's like"revive me!"

  18. Thank you so much for this. Been trying to learn guitar for years and kept getting discouraged. Now i can finally play something

  19. momma said( metallica )

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