BB King Style Guitar Lesson – Slow Blues Ballad – EP041

To download the jam track, tablature, and video (part 2) visit – If you like this lesson, I’ve got hundreds more just like it at ActiveMelody.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to play a B.B. King style slow blues ballad in the key of C. If you enjoy this BB King guitar lesson, I’ve got several others, along with Albert King, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and other influential blues artist at


  1. Very informative, will consider going premium in the future. :)

  2. Now we're talkin'. The more of these you do, without doubt, the more people will watch and join, guaranteed.

  3. I want the backtrack pls :-(

  4. Great lesson and good thing you repeat yourself several times 🙂 thanks

  5. great lesson, very easy to pick up, thank you so much, for your help.

  6. great lesson, very easy to pick up, thank you so much, for your help.

  7. when doing BB blues, the first finger vibrato is the key – and man is it tough on your finger

  8. Sandro Massarani

    Beautiful. Beautiful.

  9. really great

  10. How could anyone thumbs down this, brilliant

  11. Excelente,…………………….

  12. Ska “SkateReEdit” Edit

    what amp are you using ?

  13. Hey, Thank You for lesson !
    Is it Clapton strat? ;o

  14. I've learned so much from your lessons, cheers. That is a cracking jacket too!

  15. Where can I get the backing track from ? 

  16. Just wonderful thank you brilliant, best wishes

  17. jessicaoosterhuis

    Thanks, you are helping me to love guitar playing even more!!!

  18. Wow! Brian that was beautiful!  Your lessons help me soooo much. Thanks Man!

  19. You're such a great teacher and player – love your videos :)

  20. super love

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