Beatles – Across the Universe – How to play on Acoustic Guitar Lesson – John Lennon

Beatles - Across the Universe - How to play on Acoustic Guitar Lesson - John Lennon

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  1. Arrogant bastard
    Well, because of the hoodie

  2. Great tutorial. Thanks!

  3. Marty for president fu#k Hillary an trump

  4. A,a,a,a,a,a,a….g,g,g,g,g,g,d… Gratefull! haha

  5. Stone Ruination bro!

  6. i wanna learn how you do the cool technical stuff in the beginning

  7. how about cluster one by pink Floyd!!!

  8. that Stone Brewing Co hoodie is sick

  9. great lesson – thank you!!!!!!

  10. best hoodie ever. prost

  11. dude great video, thanks. woke up with this song in my head after a bad dream last night, and listening to john sing was the only thing that got me back to sleep. decided it was time to learn it. thanks for the help, i'll be watching your other vids!

  12. Your tunning does not match with the original version. The original version sounds in Db and yours in D#, there's no point to use a capo. In this case, if you want to make it sounds like the original, you have to tune down your guitar 1/2 step.

  13. Hi Marty another guy slides up to the index finger on 10th fret on the e string, middle on the eleventh on the G from the initial chord at the D. Any comments. I really cant tell from the Beatles recording.

  14. Mark Duncan-Brown

    cool thanks.

  15. too slow

  16. What is that little variation that Marty plays when switching from D to Bm at 00:12 ??

  17. LOL   Saying the chord names while playing makes the best parody of this song ever!

  18. Thank you very much Marty

  19. That dog reminds me of my dear Tom, not with me anymore. Thank you maestro for this great tutorial.

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