Beatles “Blackbird” – Complete Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello and welcome back to Swiftlessons,
In this free video tutorial, Philadelphia guitar instructor Rob Swift breaks down The Beatles classic “Blackbird.” This tune, written by Paul McCartney, was originally featured on the bands 1968 double LP The White Album (available on vinyl:

There are only four unique movements that reoccur throughout this composition. The number of chords may seem overwhelming, but each is a simplified version of chords you may already know. At no point will you need more than two fingers on the fretboard. Chords and tabs are available at Let’s get started!

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  1. This is the best man Thanks I can't say it enough

  2. Well taught, played, and sung.  Thanks for posting.

  3. Michael Salisbury

    hard work great song nice lesson worth the effort

  4. I played a bit of guitar on and off for years growing up but never took it seriously or had lessons. A few weeks ago I bought a very cheap second hand accoustic guitar from a charity shop and I'm trying to get back into the swing of it and take it more seriously. Your videos are really helpful. Awesome job man, I'm sending you good vibes from Ireland!


  6. Bro you the man!

  7. still u awesome my guy


  9. I CAME (to your channel), I SAW (this tutorial) , I CONQUERED ( this song)! Thanks so much for this <3. By the way quick question would you classify this as intermediate or beginner ? I wanna know if I've progressed into another realm or not :)

  10. need a lesson on Leon Bridges "the river"

  11. hi rob.great lesson as usual .any chance you could do Frampton penny for your thoughts .Manny thanks rob

  12. For the next video can do lemonade by Jeremy passion

  13. you have a great teaching style, well thought out. Thank you for the lesson.

  14. Osama Bin-Somethin

    Great lesson as always

  15. Nice!!!!!

  16. Valentīns Persaņs

    Hey ^^ got 1 pretty amazing song in mind ^^ maybe you want to make a tutorial on it one day
    Hope and Glory by Mans Zelmerlow

  17. Thanks so much for this video. You consistently prove yourself as one of the finest guitar teachers on youtube.

    Keep at it man.

  18. Really great interpretation . Awesome job!

  19. Andrey Tsvetkov

    That second technique is really hard , cant figure it out

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