Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down – How to Play on Guitar – Lesson Tutorial

Beatles - Don't Let Me Down - How to Play on Guitar - Lesson Tutorial

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again with a new lesson just for “MartyMusic!” I’m breaking down The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down” including some of my own little tricks to go with it! This was the first song I ever filmed when I decided to start making youtube videos back in 2008! It will always be a very special song for me and I’ve had a lot of requests for it so I’m happy to give the lesson to you!
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  1. Thanks for supporting my new venture "MartyMusic!" Feel free to leave your comments or requests below! >>>>>>>>>>>>Marty

  2. That guitar sounds like heaven. Which model is it?

  3. Marty just want to say very nice article in Taylor's Wood and Steel.

  4. I don’t know if it’s just growing pains or taking psychedelics too often but my emotions are at their limit and realizing how much I actually feel for a person i’ve never met drives me mad. I’ve been playing guitar for 7 years or so now and you’ve been here the whole time, Marty. Thanks for existing. I’ll bet you’ve thought about killing yourself so good job on sticking it out, man.

  5. I would listen to your version for hours! Its so beatiful

  6. You're the man, Marty.

  7. d o n t l e t m e E

  8. What Kind of guitar are you using? ♡

  9. Dang Marty. Every song lesson of old classics that I can search, you show a lesson. This one is such a great song and I loved listening to you play it. Thank you for your time and experience.

  10. Marty never lets me down.

  11. Scott & Darlene Scheepers

    So I have been a fan of yours and your style of teaching us beginners, I can usually get the gist of the guitar parts, but where I struggle with my electric guitar is getting the Amp to sound anywhere close to the sound I have in my head of the original songs, It may just be my amp. (Fender Mustang III ) I have made one of the presets clean but it does not sound like the sound you get out of yours almost like your listening to the recording. Is there anywhere a person can find Amp setting for songs, I am new to the electric guitar ( Tele) and have not boxes to run through.


  12. I know this is kind of an old video post, but I wonder if anybody has any more insight regarding the Beatle's, specially for their time, musical knowledge beyond the typical R&R I IV V chord pattern, though their early stuff was more I IV V based? It's obvious George knew more sophisticated chords and country licks and I believe Paul too had a deeper understanding of music, scales etc. But for their time, they really did use a lot of non standard minor, major, 7th, dim etc chords which was pretty hard to pick off their records compared to the Stones or even Hendrix.

  13. NIce Gretsch!

  14. great version! I love it

  15. Please d0 unf0rgiven 2

  16. So smooth thank you brother one love

  17. 17:12 I'm in love for the E major 😀

  18. excellent lesson man. really enjoyed it

  19. 1:29 me when I'm in a diet

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