Beatles Get Back Guitar Lesson + Tutorial (Rhythm)

Get Back! Learn this classic Beatles song on guitar and get ready to jam along with me. In this video, I show you all the complex rhythm parts in this Beatles song in an easy style.

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  2. Francisco Camacho Jr

    What kind of looper pedal do you have Marty?

  3. albert fernandez

    Hey Marty, just because they're' "good to know, buy fun too",,,, No Quarter & Life in the Fast lane !!!!

  4. Waiting for that lesson on taxman the full song… Great video by the way

  5. Very good, man. I love this song

  6. hey Marty can you do a tutorial on lakeside park from rush it would be nice if you did but you don't have to.

  7. Hey Marty, can you do a video on Matter of trust: Billy Joel

  8. I hope you loop in an easy bass part when you post the lead video.

  9. How about sliver by nirvana?

  10. Can you do a lesson we belong together by ritchie valens

  11. Please show how to play right hand more detailed)

  12. Hey Marty, could you please do Alameda by Elliott Smith

  13. Ah that's the flavour

  14. Wow Marty. Amazing lesson! Thx again very fun.

  15. Hi Marty. Here is a song that I don't see very many lessons on. Baby Come Back.

  16. edgar allan juan

    hi there sir Marty i want some guidelines guitar chord and technique a song by Robby of the Doors .. L.A Woman , thank you God bless

  17. Yooooo. Marty you gotta do "paper lanterns" by green day. It's so good

  18. This sounds like Harrison was just jamming and George and John were scrambling to write lyrics to keep up. Feels so natural

  19. Beautiful! The devil is in the details. Thanks Marty

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