Beatles Guitar Lesson – How to Play – Rocky Raccoon – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar songs

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  1. Ajar Rajkarnikar

    nice way to end a toturial man

  2. nice but.. can u add turtorial with bass note included?

  3. Nobody skibidydoos like you, Marty

  4. Michael Auricchio

    Ending is fucking sickness

  5. William Gerhardt

    Very thorough without over complicating. Great stuff!

  6. Pure genius, Marty. Thanks!

  7. Can't get it to sound right with the 6 chord progression. There's another change where Marty plays D#, needs to go D7sus4, D7, then into the G7, C, C/B. Try it you'll like it, still very easy common chords w/ simple changes.

  8. Roberto Alverez

    you're awesome Marty

  9. first chord missed the pinky 3rd fret 1st string 😉

  10. love the casual humor you put into these lessons. thanks!

  11. what a great ending

  12. thank you!! 🙂

  13. watching this video in its entirety is hilarious. and thanks for the lesson too.

  14. Quirkypaintings Kenmare

    Hi Marty, thanx for the simple chord explanation, well put together and here's hoping I can follow it thru. Thanx again

  15. Hey, Marty, just wanted to say that your videos are the best.  I have yet to find any other teachers who can explain things as clearly and as efficiently as you.  Thanks for doing this.

  16. Thanks Marty. As a high school teacher, I love watching people who take the time to teach to the middle and lower levels.  You are the very best that I have seen on Youtube. Thanks so much for helping me and others get a grip on popular tunes. Take care,  Gordie

  17. Thank you !

  18. The ending gets me everytime

  19. Thanks a lot for the help, you explained it very well, and I understood it more than any other tutorials.

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