Beatles – Norwegian Wood – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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  1. Marty can you do tutorial weezer in the sun thanks dude

  2. Many thanks for your teaching!

  3. fuck man i GIVE UP GUITAR – my teacher taught me that one was called an A chord – ARRRRRRGHHHH

  4. Thank you sir

  5. This should be one of the first songs people learn to play. It is very basic, yet a great classic Beatles song. Nothing like being to play a real classic song to keep you motivated. Thanks, Marty.

  6. Loved it ! One of my all time favorites.

  7. Really cool vid! I actually did a cover of this and sang at the same time. Its a really cool song

  8. He's never baked in the newer videos, must be getting more professional! Love this guy!

  9. Love This Song. I Gotta Learn it , Thanks To You Marty,Fantastic Lesson.

  10. marty loves to party…great tutor ☺

  11. Best guitar advice ever?
    …keep doing it,over and over until you own it!
    Cheers Shortman,Peace. ☺️❤️

  12. I love your lessons, and I'm going to sign up for the real stuff.  Love your facial expressions. Yaaaaa. LOL

  13. I love this song and Jamz is very good at getting this tune over I have nearly got it and I am 75 and not a very good guitar player

  14. Still such a great lesson. Thanks, Marty.

  15. Scott Wrixon Rossiter

    There's no real need to go to the C chord – just continue the base run from the D position with your first 2 fingers. Also, that G sounds better if you play the enhanced version by adding the E note on the 2nd string and it makes a more natural movement from the Dm because your finger is already there. That finger can just stay put till you move to Em.

  16. MARTY!!! What can "I" Say? Other than DynOmite!!! Thanks Amigo!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  17. Awesome song and I love your help man. I don't get half the shit you talk about sometimes but fuck it..

  18. Really great lesson man, cheers

  19. Why don't you play it from the 2nd fret, I do.

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