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Hello guys, today we are going to focus on one of my favorite topic: guitar chords and melody.
I am going to show you how you can make a chord progression sound like a beautiful melody using fingerstyle guitar technique.
The chord progression we are working on is Am – G – Fmaj – E which is the standard Spanish chord progression.

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  1. Vilmer Zetterberg Music

    This was wayyy to easy

  2. Best guitarteacher on youtube!

  3. can anyone tell me what does the 4 4 written on the left of the tab means on d and g string mean?

  4. I could've used this vid in the mid 90s dude. this lesson and a few thousand hours of practice but hey. lol. good lesson; not too easy, not impossible and a lovely progression to keep it interesting. cheers

  5. amilcar martinez

    Hola Marcos.
    Estoy aprendiendo mucho co tus lecciones. Muchas gracias. Estoy también aprendiéndome la de blues que hicisteis. Me gustaría que hicieras otra de blues.

    Muchas gracias.

  6. attention, charlie puth

  7. Wow, nice use of a couple of simple chords. It almost sounds Spanish. It would be fun to put 3 E string notes between every note. A bit more Flamengo. But it is very nice as is.

    BTW, where are you from?

    Greetings from Bolivia.

  8. Really nice picking and chord progressions.

  9. Sound like clickbait.

  10. soundtracking movies tvseries background music

  11. Thank you for the nice tutorial 😀

  12. Love from India!.. ♥️

  13. starting part was sounding like attention

  14. Tatenda Chimunhu


  15. Great lesson

  16. Very nice , im learning alot from you much appreciated.

  17. Love this, easy to follow.

  18. Brilliant! Thank you.

  19. Could swear God gave you four awesome right hand thumbs :).

  20. Suonds like melody? This melody is awesome!!!!

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