Beautiful Love – easy chord melody jazz guitar lesson

Very detailed + TABS! Jazz guitar lesson for “Beautiful Love”. Easy chord melody guitar lesson jazz ballad.


I´m teaching you this beautiful jazz guitar ballad in chord melody style, which means the melody and the chords are being played simultaniously.

Beautiful Love is a jazz ballad in a minor key. Since it is often played at jazz sessions, you should be able to play this tune.

Chord melody jazz guitar style:
The chord melody style combines the melody of the song and it`s chords together. Usually someone does the comping and another person plays the melody. The chord meldoy style allows guitarists to play on their own, just like pianist. So you can perform it allone. Beautiful Love is a slow song, so it won`t be too hard to play. This is a good oportunity to learn a chord melody song.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Lehmann Audio, for lending me their great Cube Studio Headphone amp!

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Im confused and stuck on where to put my fingers and where to strum

  2. very grateful kiss

  3. Sandra, would it be possible for you teach the chords and melody for the song,"Over The Rainbow." P.S. Silent night is fantabulous.

  4. Cant tell you how grateful I am, have been wanting to learn this song for ages and finally found an EXCELLENT tutorial, thank you!!!

  5. Thank you for this beautiful jazz ballad tutorial Sandra. I have a couple of song requests where I would love to hear your interpretations. The funky Chtlins Con Carne by Kenny Burrel  and the classic Tenor Madness by Coltrane. Thanks and cheers.

  6. Another fantastic lesson with a beautiful ending .Thank you so much Sandra .

  7. Hallo Sandra – habe deinen Kanal gerade erst entdeckt. Feine Sache! Beautiful Love ist einer meiner Favoriten. Vielen Dank für deine Videos!

  8. such a great melody! THanks for the post 🙂

  9. Thank you so much on your vids! Can you do a guitar lesson on Don't explain song?

  10. mohamed bayram hamdi

    You are such an insperation ! Love u <3

  11. I love this song! Great job.

  12. Great song…would love to see: Misty, Body and Soul, Summertime, All Blues, Nuages, Alfie,
    best regards micael

  13. Juan Enrique Fernández Romar

    Suddenly you have become my favorite guitar teacher on the internet. Your lessons are perfect and you seem to be very kind. Thank you very much from a small South American country called Uruguay.

  14. Nice great teaching

  15. Владимир Махарадзе

    Здорово !!!

  16. Amazing! Please do a guitar lesson on Misty!

  17. I love your vids! Thank you so much!

  18. thanks for all the tabs for the lovely standards – could you help me out with 'Goodbye Porkpie Hat' and 'Giant Steps', for guitar, of course.

  19. Very nice song!

  20. I haven't heard of this tune, but it looks challenging for me, yet offers voicings that will hopefully improve my overall playing ability. I'm looking forward to having the time to work on it. Hope you're getting as much out of your YouTube experience as I am viewing your lessons. Many thanks!

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