Bed of Roses Guitar Lesson – Bon Jovi

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In this Bed Of Roses guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this classic ballad by Bon Jovi note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning. E A D G B E

Guitarist Richie Sambora has some great solo work in “Bed Of Roses”, including the intro solo that I will start the video lesson with.

From there I will show you the chords he uses throughout the verse, pre-chorus and chorus sections along with a guitar transcription of the keyboard arpeggios that are heard during the verse.

Sambora plays some very cool fills over the 2nd and 3rd verse sections and another one in the last chorus. I will show you how to play all of those.

The guitar solo is very melodic and based around the D minor pentatonic scale over the chords of the chorus. There are some large bends and a quick pentatonic lick, but all-in-all, a pretty easy solo for the intermediate level guitarist and above.

I hope you guys enjoy this one! #bedofrosesguitarlesson #bonjovi #guitarcovers

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  1. groundbreaking… haha. nice ironic comment. thanks for the laugh.

  2. Can you make Bon Jovi – We Weren't Born To Follow? Thank you

  3. From no on Vinnie Moore toturial pls

  4. ThatGuyTobyPlayz

    What model Is your guitar? I’d like to buy a similar shape

  5. Rinyapam Shatsang

    Man been waiting for this ! Thanks Carl

  6. John Phil Abacal

    Sir..request plz…ill be there for you by: Bon jovi

  7. thank u this is so helpful forever and u made me giggle too :-))

  8. i request little wing plizzz

  9. I still can't reach that level….

  10. Can anyone tell me what effects should i use to get this kind of tone?

  11. You 10 dislikes, assholes, if you don't like Carl's tutorial then get the fuck out and go fuck yourselves !

  12. As always mate……PERFECT ! thanks for sharing your skillz and your no BS easy to follow lessons.Cheers from Australia ;


    Which string do u use in your electric guitar ?

  14. Again 10Q sir grate lesson love all lessons


  16. Hey Carl , this is awesome awesome! Thank you so much

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