Before You Accuse Me – Eric Clapton (Acoustic Guitar Lesson BS-501)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Before You Accuse Me – Eric Clapton
More info:
In this guitar lesson we’re checking out Before You Accuse Me by Eric Clapton, from the unplugged album. We’re looking at a basic version for beginners and also the exact Intro and first verse that Clapton played on the album.

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  1. Loved the Dire Straits reverence :D

  2. justin muy bueno tu tutorial before you accuse me me ha servido de gran ayuda. un saludo desde Barcelona.


    thank you brother!

  4. This is awesome. Great sound. Going to spend the next few months (maybe years) firstly, growing some finger nails, then learning this! Thanks for the lessons.

  5. great!thanks!

  6. María Laura García

    Gracias Man!! you are greatttttt………..

  7. Justin you nailed this one. Greetings from morocco

  8. looks like you play that guitar a lot… that pick guard is hacked… thanks for the lessons

  9. what guitar are you using? sounds great.

  10. I think this lesson must be after some stages.. Im stage 5 and i am a little dizy with all this stuff.. Things that i havent learn in stage 5 apears here ! :/

  11. Thank you very much, super staf!

  12. Hi there thanks for all your lessons iv learned a lot from you, just wondering if you would do a lesson for drifting blues 

  13. thank you

  14. Excellent lesson!

  15. Amazingly clear lesson! Thank you very much! =)

  16. charles moiano

    Parabéns, Justin aprendi muito com você, a primeira foi Sultans…mesmo srm entender muito sua língua a muica é universal… Thank you.. Um abraço do Brasil.

  17. Love your voice dude

  18. You're a great teacher,few repeats on any of your videos and the song is ready to go. Thank you Justin

  19. thanks justin 8)

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