Beginner Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

This is a long lesson showing blues chords up the neck and some ways to insert fills for beginners. This is a beginners course or primer on playing blues guitar.

A lot of beginner blues guitar players don’t know where to start, or they do start with a few videos but then have to spend their time searching and filling in the blanks.

All the old blues guys played in the same places on the neck. They used the same licks and they all sounded different.

I just try to squeeze as much information into a lesson as I can so it’s complete. Not that any of my lessons are complete, but I try.

It’s important to learn your blues chords and inversions up the neck as well as the pentatonic scale, major scale, and blues scale.

Anyway, it’s unedited, just on the fly, like if you were sitting in my living room with me. Lots of mistakes and of course it wouldn’t be complete without the phone ringing at some point.

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  1. I just read the notes below your lesson and saw you had a newsletter..great ,then I saw the link to . Man you bout the most generous soul around just not used to that so many say but Nada..they selling DVDs tab books etc t shirts .so i got those tabs I was beside myself. Thank you Mr unknown Bluesman! and maestro!. Where's ya pooch at? ..Thanks again wish I could do somthin for y'all. Ya made my day!

  2. I know most of your playing is improvised, but when give a lesson on slide, would love to see you include "Am I Wrong". I'm a big fan of Keb Mo, among many others. Thanks, Doug

  3. Enjoyed the lesson as usual. Have enjoyed your slide lessons in open D. Have you ever used the D sus4 or infamous DADGAD? Just curious on this issue. Thanks again for the lessons. Doug

  4. This is a great lesson with a wealth of information beginner or not. You make everything look so fluid and effortless which is an indicator of your skill level.I have played electric most of the time and shy’d away from acoustic as it’s not as forgiving but this has inspired me to pick up that acoustic and get on with it.Thanks for your time doing these lessons it’s greatly appreciated.

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