Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson #1 – Your First 3 Chords

In this beginner acoustic guitar lesson we’ll cover your first three chords, G, C, and D.
These are three of the best chords for any beginner to start with, and if you stick around for the rest of this 3 part series, we’ll add another chord, and put it all together into a song as well!

Part 1 – (You are here)
Part 2 –
Part 3 –

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  1. louisharryniallliam

    i really want to learn but i dont know at all

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  3. as a beginner this is the one which absolutely help you to begin….the path for ROCKSTAR…….LOL

  4. Excellent video for dummies like me. Thank you

  5. 1984princesspeach

    First day, just rented a guitar. I have a whole new appreciation for people who are good at this. My poor fingers and hand!

  6. Excellent video

  7. No offence but this is literally the worst guitar lesson. 

  8. My chords sound hideous. I can't keep my fingers from hitting the strings below the ones I'm pressing 

  9. Text me if you have a chance
    PS.text you later

  10. I'm impressed

  11. Wow. Didn't know Walter White teaches guitar.


    Hello! I'm 13 and I just started playing the guitar and I was wondering if you could give me tips? My grandma gave me her small guitar (I had a full size but that thing was to big so we traded xD) and taught me these three chords and I have been playing them recently. Though, my hands and fingers are extremely small (#TinyGirlHands) and it's hard to stretch them to play some chords. I do play a Viola for my school Orchestra but I don't need to put to many fingers down at once. Tips? xD

  13. That last cord is really nice for me
    This is much easier than my dads training lol
    Thanks for the vids! 

  14. That last cord is really nice for me
    This is much easier than my dads training lol
    Thanks for the vids! 

  15. Just move your fingers and get them to your style and mess around with it eventually these four cords will sound lovely takes practice no ones a guitarist over night

  16. My pretty soft fingers will get rough from this. Maybe I'll just stick to the piano.

    Or else, are there finger guards for playing the guitar?

  17. I'm 14 and my index finger measures only 6.5 cm. I'm not being able to play guitar with respective chords. Please help me.
    My email is….
    Please help me , if anyone can. 

  18. This is frustrating. How do you memorize the dang chords without taking a moment to find the chords and not look at them?

  19. 'youll never create anything new, its all been done before' <– now THAT is what i call a motivational speech

  20. MechanicalMartialArtist

    That G chord is VERY hard!!!  My hand and fingers just don't move like that….LOL

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