Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson 2 – The A Major Chord

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  1. this series is just great! really enjoying every step 🙂

  2. Amazing.The only online guitar lessons I can actually learn from. Very elaborate and at an adequate pace for beginners. Appreciate it man keep em comin !

  3. I was the 590 likes on this vid

  4. I love this channel

  5. I have a terrible time trying to build these callouses! and I want to tape my first knuckles to stop them from bending the wrong way. that weird? :S actually… maybe I'll just find a tutorial on how to play like jeff healey….

  6. Sgt Oif ArmyCombatveteran

    Out of every channel you have the best way of teaching , you are slow and to the point and bring valuable information !! Your teaching all us greenhorns to have fun and learn and develop great skills and understanding of chords and notes !!! Keep them coming.

  7. Heriberto Villanueva

    Thanks! I have been following along since video one and I am planning to continue because its simple but very usefull and effective!

  8. thank you again Marty !

  9. My fingers are too fucking fat for the a cord. I've literally sat here for an hour trying to get them to fit but I can't

  10. I honestly find you so helpful watching your videos because I'm teaching myself. I struggle with the strummin' but you really break it all down and help by giving different ways of doing it. Thank you.

  11. dude you are just an amazing human being. but please do —Shape of my heart of styx

  12. Omg i love it now im way better

  13. I love the way your enthusiasm shines through your videos! It reminds me of when I used to take music lessons as a kid. I just started playing a few weeks ago and these lessons are so helpful! I look forward to coming home from work everyday to practice. You make learning guitar that much more fun for me. Thank you!

  14. Dear Marty great job. Your lessons are helping me out. Thank you and God Bless

  15. Pinkalicious Weirdo

    does all of this work on a 12 string guitar, thats all I have

  16. Thanks Marty. As a drummer in many bands for more years than i want to think about, your lessons have made my piano lessons understandable! I purchased alot of your guitar jamz stuff. I'm learning the guitar and people have noticed my improvement 10 fold after 3 months of your teaching. i am addicted to your channel. Rock on bro. Thanks again

  17. Just wanted to say , Thank You!, I have always had an interest in guitar but never picked one up. I watched a couple of your video's and thought to myself that it did not look impossible. I just wanted to let you know that it is a good thing you are doing!

  18. The Creations Just Good Ole Gospel Music

    Hey Buddy,
    I need your help on how shuffle in between cords!
    Thanks Mike S

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