Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson 8 – The D minor Chord

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  1. thank you….

  2. Hey bro thankyou for the basic 8 lessons. These are the only chords you'll be teaching or you'll teach the remaining chords also….sorry I'm so late. But do respond me please..I've got no better teacher than you both around me as well as in the YouTube

  3. I feel like I’ve reached the end of a video game tutorial

  4. DorienWKS // WildKAT

    WOOOOOOOH MARTYYYY!!!! He da besst!

  5. DorienWKS // WildKAT

    That's it. I'm naming my new cat Marty!

  6. Thank you so much , Senor and may the Schwartz be with me 🙂

  7. Definitely learning a lot… thanks Marty

  8. Hey Marty i gotta say A BIG FUCKING THANK YOU MAN!!!
    I've been trying to play for for 4 years always on and off but you method really made me learn and kept me engaged so thanks man you're awesome.

  9. Hi Marty , I'm 56 years old and have been been stuffing around for a long time , not really getting anywhere with my guitar! These lessons are great ! Thank you and all the best with your you tube / website.

  10. Learning ! Week #2 ! Thank you!

  11. Dm is no fun. I'm still struggling with the F chord. It sounds like one big "thump." Ugh. I'm spending on average, one week per chord.

  12. Could barley hold a chord for years , after watching these videos and picking up the guitar again after years of not playing. I'm doing 10x better. What ever you did keep it up. Thanks

  13. marty tanks for the guitar lessons

  14. Thanks for the videos Marty! Only my second day of learning but i'm enjoying it and love the way you teach! thanks! 🙂

  15. Make a Ninth Vid!
    I Luv em

  16. Make more Videos Please!
    I luv Them!

  17. You have tought me all the chords I know
    Thank You Marty!

  18. No, thank you for making these easy to learn videos. I've already started impressing people with these chords.

  19. one question, is applying these lessons on an electric guitar a good idea?

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