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Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson strumming and rhythm magic learn strum patterns and more – In this lesson we teach beginners how to dress up their strumming and rhythms bu using multiple strum patterns and adding cool and interesting chords. You can do it!
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  1. tnx a lot….

  2. tq… it really helped.. greetings from nepal

  3. you are a really good teacher, thank you! I'm a beginner and this really helps.

  4. Thank you so much.. You very helped me. 🙂

  5. I think if there's any other way of teaching how to get started playing guitar at just about any level besides taking the guitar away and playing it for you. which is actually what he's doing. this is the best way to get anybody that's interested in guitar to play and learn a little melody and just play it over and over until you get it. Then you will be thanking David Taub

  6. God bless you more….thank u so much for free lesson

  7. Thanks for the great lesson ….

  8. haha me to (:

  9. Uhhh, sick vid:0

  10. I wish someone would teach how to practice striking ONLY the strings needed for a given chord, especially on the upstroke, whether it's 3 strings only, 4, or 5. Depending on the chord, the downstroke has you omitting certain strings at the beginning or top of the strum, i.e. either string 6, or 5 and 6, or 4, 5, and 6. But all remaining strings are strummed down to the 1st string. If this isn't difficult enough, the upstroke is even harder. In chords that don't use all 6 strings, you must stroke the first 3, 4, or 5 strings (which means strings 1, 2, and/or 3 depending on the chord), then avoid having the pick strike strings 4, 5, and/or 6. This seems very difficult, yet no one talks about it. It's overlooked in all the many lesson videos online, yet it's a required ability to keep from including notes in chords that aren't suppose to be heard. In fact, I have yet to find even ONE lesson video that discusses this. The most I've seen is how to wrap the thumb over the 6th string to mute it, thereby allowing the player to keep stroking all 6 strings without worrying about not touching the 6 string, but this seems like a cop out. It doesn't solve the other problems of 3 and 4 string chords, and a muted note is still a faint sounding note that shouldn't be heard at all. Why doesn't anyone talk about this and how to practice it? It seems to be the most difficult aspect of strumming.

  11. wow thanks a lot for these great vids mate,i have been looking through a lot of these vids and yours is by far the best and easiest to follow and take in,top marks my friend keep up the good work 🙂

  12. shit! i thought you were eminem

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  14. This was really interesting, helpful and AMAZING! Thank you! I will work on my strumming and hopefully, it will sound at least close to what you were playing 😀 Great video! Thank you 🙂 Greetings from Czech Republic 🙂

  15. just the simple thing of breaking up the chord,, very nice color added,, thanks for something so simple to be so nice

  16. I would love to learn strumming patterns for more deep heartfelt guitar. I know this because when I play a backing track, I use my natural rhythm and I can hear glimpses of that heartfelt sound I really like.     Thanks David.

  17. The Captain's Old Dog

    great lesson

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