Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson: Blues Basics

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Learn how to play a few simple blues bass lines of a jam track from the Let’s Jam for Bass by Watch & Learn


  1. backing track please?

  2. love your video, thanks.

  3. hey sir, you are using major scale if its the blues? can i use blues scale instead…..

  4. Nézd meg ezt a videót a YouTube-on:

  5. nice vic thanks

  6. Thank you. Absolutely helpful.

  7. What kind of bass is that? P/J hybrid of some sort?

  8. thank you

  9. Gracias Tommy.

  10. not bad

  11. Ezequiel Gustavo Martinez

    it's really cool. I learned a lot in this video. thanks for sharing it! 😀

  12. at least this guy actually blinks… 0_o

  13. What happened to Russ Rodgers?????

  14. Roberto Mazariegos

    Great lesson!!! Thank you

  15. tabs… great tool

  16. @beefcakejcc
    Hey, thanks for this, it really helped me, but could you tell me what scale is this in? For example, what if I want to play this in A in the 5th fret, which A scale should I use? It seems similar to a major scale, but skiping the 2nd. I'm new to scales and its confusing to me. 🙁

  17. lol, no, it's Dr Phil !!

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