Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – First Lesson: Absolute Basics (L#86)

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This lesson is an introduction to bass guitar for complete beginners and deals with the absolute basics of holding the bass, tuning the bass and playing notes on the fretboard.

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  1. Step one: Wear your bass like a total moron.

  2. Hey I love this video, particularly your ideas about skins of league of legends
    . Another resource I also found helpfull for e league of legends
    was Renkarter Legends Builder Report – search google if you like

  3. i cant even hear you e or a strings unless i put the volume way to high

  4. Thank you. This is a real beginner video. Just what I needed.

  5. Great vids man! Ive been looking all over youtube for the detail your giving! again GREAT VIDEOS!

  6. 21:04 g-string lol

  7. very nice way . Now I already know how to use my father's bass guitar 

  8. great tutorial, thanks so much. Greetings from Poland.

  9. That wavering sound is called "beating". Just learned about that in physics today! Haha.

  10. The secret to guitar mastery is practice. But not just any sort of practice. Targeted practice. Just follow the The 1 Hour Workout plan and you’ll soon be an absolute guitar master.

  11. great lesson! thanks a million :)

  12. After sad time in my life, my husband surprised me with a bass guitar and amp.  This video has got me excited that maybe I will be able to play with her.  Thank you guy!

  13. Just got a fretless bass (I know, not ideal for an absolute beginner, but I couldn't resist: it's gorgeous, and the sound is… incredible), and I'm looking for some insight. This looks like a great intro course. Good vibe from the teacher, clear instructions… of course, if you're a guitarist, the first part of the lesson is a big Duh, vbut the fact I didn't even mind the whole neck-body-headstock thing means the teacher is really good!

    For all you guitarists out there: the EADG-trick I use is a shortening of the guitar strings' EADGBE: so for guitar, that translates to "Eddy Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddy", a great way to remember the notes. Applies to bass as well, but then it's just GoodBye :-p Now excuse me while I inexperiencedly pluck my new bass :-D

  14. Dear Mark,  TJ here from Rochester NY. You are an excellent teacher on this and I hope you continue because I noticed that the Website is down…

  15. Mark, you are the man. best regards!

  16. I have been wanting to learn how to play the bass guitar. This series is perfect. What is the best bass guitar for an absolute beginner? Thanks

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