Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson: Funk Rock in E

This video will teach you a couple bass guitar lines to play over a funky rock groove in the key of E.
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  1. this guys fresh. thanks!!

  2. KesherMedia Kay Em

    Great instructional video, thanks!

    Due to an injury I recently moved to bass from guitar and am having a blast.  Now it's time to get some lessons and do things right.  I like your style and they way you taught this.

    Thanks Tommy!  :-)

  3. where can I get this jam track?

  4. cheers Tommy!!

  5. Thanks Tommy! 

  6. He sounds like Seth MacFarlane

  7. Good stuff Tommy, I've always been a fan.

  8. 1:43 woah man, why is your bass so short?

  9. A pretty good video. I have seen better, but decent enough. If you guys however want to learn how to play the guitar like a pro then go here for some free lessons:

  10. 5 string is the new standard now.

  11. Tommy looks like a school teacher at first ,but he´s got a really nice groove going on there

  12. I found this very helpful.

  13. Great stuff just learning. A great help. Paul

  14. I love this, but I wasnt taught names of any chord names i use numbers and lines when writing sheet music for myself. so is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

  15. you put your fingers on em

  16. Don't u know that funk originates from white people?!!?

  17. Bass and guitar Has some similarities,but bass is played Differently,and is more difficult to play than most instruments!!!
    The bassist playes the groove and the foundation of the harmony,AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    Make a slight mistake,and the whole band is both out of tune and out of groove!!!

    It all depends on the bassist!!!

    Guitar or horn just plays "on Top" of the bassist!Like cosmetics!
    If the guitar stops,nothing bad happens,it goes on!But if the bass stops or makes a mistake…

  18. how do you mute the open strings?

  19. 666xfluffyxbunnyx999

    white guy playing funk bass is plain wrong.

  20. LOL that voice

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