Beginner Bass guitar lesson kryptonite 3 doors down

Beginner Bass guitar lesson kryptonite 3 doors down Click this link to learn more about Epic Beginner Bass Mastery DVD Course

Beginner Bass guitar lesson kryptonite 3 doors down


  1. Heyy I would love to learn how to play bass as I am only just starting out and I am learning a lot from your tutorial as you are going through it slowly and it is helping me so I say thank you

  2. Dude I love your tutorials I love for you to do a horse with no name bass lesson ( Favorite Song ) since growing up and I looked every where and all I found was covers and I couldn't keep up but I love the way you teach though thank you : )

  3. Really cool! I used this for a chemistry project on the element krypton

  4. hey finbar, i have a song requset, can you play all your hate by black veil brides

  5. Anthony Dorsey

    These bass lessons are the best on YouTube Maggie May by Rod Stewart and machine gun man by pride and glory would be greatly appreciated

  6. You should do a lesson on lucky by Jason mraz

  7. I'm relatively new to bass and still learning, however I have a request for the song stolen dance. It is not much of a bass song but it would be helpful if you could make a tutorial of it because your vids help a lot . Thanks

  8. LightnineUnikorn- 777

    can you play are you gonna be my girl by jet?

  9. James Litwinczuk

    thanks for your videos, I'm leaning fast, and you're a comedian as well, so that helps.  anyway thanks

  10. could u plz do tight rope, by srv , ty I learned so much from your vids

  11. Could you please do Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine? I'm having trouble learning it. I'd appreciate your help

  12. Hi Finbar, I really love your videos, they really help me to learn new songs. however, it might be helpful to, in the end, play then entire song from top to bottom (with or without vocals/other instruments doesn't matter), just so we can see how the individual parts end up fitting together in the actual song.

  13. Riccardo Santia

    great job, keep em coming

  14. Hey man. You gotta keep making videos! As a beginner I'm learning a lot from your videos. Thanks!

  15. Hey, can you do When Im Gone by 3 doors down?

  16. Hey, fanbarbass should do a lesson on lady Madonna by the Beatles 

  17. Ccr down on the corner bassblesson

  18. hi I'm rob I love your videos playing bass for 2 years the best video I t would be the star wars imperial march if you could slow that video down and replay it that would be awesome I have the first 2 verse is down buy an opera which makes it difficult for me also thank you for helping me learn Guns N Roses sweet child

  19. Awesome Video! Thankyou 🙂
    Favourite lesson is the Rape Me tutorial

  20. you do great interesting videos. I love the video tutorial you did of another one bites the dust by Queen.

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