Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson: Left Hand Technique

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Left Hand Technique is a free video lesson by Russ Rodgers for beginning bass guitar. This lesson will teach you proper left hand form which will help you become a more efficient player. We will first cover the proper positioning of the hand and fingers and then move on to some exercises that will eliminate excess motion from your fingers.


  1. I totally agree with the teaching but wow how b-o-r-I-n-G!!

  2. I really would like some profile visuals of the wrist to see whether and how much the wrist is curvewd in. Ive been having some pain lately while playing longer and faster for practice, and I think its due to bad wrist placement. The paid is on top of the wrist and back of the hand, it only happens a tiny bit and goes away when not moving right after.

  3. What does he mean when he says "fingers locked" or "buckled" or collapsed? 1:30

  4. Thank you for the video Exactly the instruction I needed. Any advice for keeping the pinky down? My nemesis!

  5. As a pro bass player with decades of experience, I can tell you that everything you say is absolutely correct, and I applaud this. However, sheesh, is it boring. :P

  6. amarindhya thilakeratne

    Well explained and nicely done

  7. very nice

  8. I have a beginning bass student that I felt that I wasn't teaching very well. Thank you for pointing out some details that I overlooked. Great video!

  9. Why do I see a lot of professional bass players bringing their thumb over the neck when playing? 

  10. Thanks Russ. Very useful lesson. All the best. Pete

  11. My left hand is just a little too tiny for a grip like that to be comfortable, not so much at lower notes but mostly when going up… But maybe that's just a thought and it takes practice, can't seem to keep proper form just yet.

  12. Russ what happened to your facial hair…and what's that shirt? 😀
    jokes aside, I 'm loving these beginner's videos, as I'm one of them

  13. Great video mate!
    Thank you so much! 😉

  14. This method makes me slow knowing I used the wrong way and play very fast


  16. If we all played like this then we wouldn't be an individual player we'd all just be the same. Now tell me why you'd all wanna play the same way?

  17. If he's looking at the camera, it's less likely he's going to blink regularly.

  18. cheers russ, i've been wasting a lot of energy, trying to maintain the stretch.
    through doing this, i had a lot of tension in my shoulder, and my wrist.

  19. Grimmjow Jagerjaques

    Jerod mayer guy, im twelve. Im right handed and can hardly do any thing fluent or flexible with my left hand. But i didnt care! First of all, no one says you cant do it your own way! I hardley ever use a finger other than my index to preform a note. And it takes practice! Dont give up! you dont find a bass player that often right? If you wanna go pro you can get into any band easy. Heres a tip though, start translating bass songs to guitar. Then go back to bass and the song will be easy.

  20. He makes is sooo much more complicated than it needs to be.

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