Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – Lesson #1: Getting Started

This lesson is an introduction to bass guitar for complete beginners and deals with the absolute basics of holding the bass, tuning the bass and playing notes on the fretboard.

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  1. Are you going to be going over the very basics just playing for the purpose of keeping the beat…bump bump, bump bump which is used in many bluegrass and country songs…..minus the fancy runs and chords? If you're not, could you recommend someone? Thanks!

  2. Sorry sir I am late

  3. I picked up the bass about three months ago and your videos have been a big help learning. Can play whole songs now! Can’t afford ongoing lessons at the moment so your content is like the next best thing. Your previous absolute beginner video is how I got started first day. There was some wording in the old version about fretting that led me to press way too hard becuase my bass came with the action rather highish… you must know what I mean since you reworded it. This version 100% helpful. Keep it up, you are the best resource on YouTube for learning bass. There are a lot of great players on YouTube, but to also be a great teacher and great at making these clear and well paced videos is much rarer combination of skills. You have a gift, man. Then to see you going back and making the old videos better by redoing them?? Thank you!!

  4. More videos.

  5. I have been playing 30 years or so. I have been following your channel for the last 6 months and learnt more by watching your videos in that short time that I ever picked up over the last 30 years. I just want to say thanks Mark and hello from Manchester 🙂

  6. Eat

  7. Common sense for bass….. excellent presentation mate….

  8. Biggest takeaway:
    If you're tuning, when in doubt, loosen the string down, do not tight it up.

    Thank you for this back to basics.

  9. For short fingers players a 5 strings bass with slim neck is the better choice. Don't waste time and money

  10. I do believe I have passed this era in my life, but I certainly appreciate how you definitely go back to the basics! Tje foundation is definitely the most important to build off of.

  11. Gabriella Panuccio

    Counting the minutes, Mark! All alone tonight, so I can take the time for myself 😉

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