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beginner bass guitar lesson superstition stevie wonder


  1. i think its much more easy than that

  2. How can he be on Youtube in playing such a shit !!!

  3. I think he has to buy some new ears ;-)

  4. I say he should of alternated the electric guitar riff with the bass

  5. Fucking horrid.

  6. This is nothing like the bass line on the original tune. What he is playing is the clavinet riff.

    The bass holds a simple quarter note pulse on the root with a few embellishments for the verses and only follows the riff in the second section.

  7. This tune can be played almost entirely in the 5th position (for electric) – it's more efficient, meaning easy to play fast and accurately, and provides more even tone between the strings. So, you're going A – B using the E and A strings, but B is simply one step up from A on the E string. Same with the D – E bits. For the main riff, slide up to the B on the D string, then down to G on the D string, then E on the A string. Carol Kaye liked to slide around sometimes so that will emulate her style.
    Also, practice playing without letting your little finger fly under the fret board. It'll be closer to the strings when it's time to play a note with it. To start, use a double bass style by keeping your pinky right next to your ring finger and use them together to play the notes; index and middle fingers will still operate independently. Do this up until around the 6 or 7 fret, then use guitar style, with one finger per fret.

  8. nicely done

  9. Lost me when you didnt use proper tuning

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