Beginner Bass Lesson 1 – Your Very First Bass Lesson

Beginner Bass Lesson 1 - Your Very First Bass Lesson

Today I’m doing something a little different! I’ve gotten many requests to teach other instruments and today I’m giving you your very first bass guitar lesson!
So grab your favorite four-string and let’s get slapping!

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  1. Thanks for supporting! Hope you all enjoy me stretching out my wings a little bit and jumping on the bass train!

  2. Gabrièl Sipione

    The Bassic notes

  3. Don’t forget to slap like

  4. Thanks for this lesson. I am trying to learn the bass at the same time I am learning the guitar. I love following your videos and would like to see more bass. As an older player I feel that the bass is my best shot at getting to play with a live band. Thanks Marty!

  5. Top 10 anime betrayals

    A little weird seeing you play the bass but keep up the good work!

  6. "gonna be going through some basics"

  7. _pseudo_embrace_

    Aw man this was uploaded right when my Bass broke! 🙁

  8. Tuba next, please!

  9. the thumbnail got me lmao cuz marty looks like he is saying i didnt sign up for this

  10. Marty can i ask u about the baSS AND AMP U USED HERE IN THIS LESSON

  11. Nice now I know I can pickup a bass. Never tried one

  12. Are you going to do lessons on bass?

  13. Chuggy’s Music

    Did anyone notice he was playing tnt by AC/DC at the beginning of the video

  14. sweet, from the uk, recently purchased a bass to use on garage band, guitarists can master the 4 big srings lol …. cheers Marty

  15. Marty be like:
    "Lesson one, bass basics"
    "Lesson two, how to play like Geddy Lee"

    No one:

    (Plays bass like a guitar)

  16. I’m really hoping to see more of these. I think there’s some cool bass lines he could teach

  17. How about a Harp next?

  18. can we get a longview green day bass lesson?

  19. Jonathan Vasquez

    Hey Marty! I was thinking you should do an Emoji of a wave by John Mayer tutorial 🙂

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