Beginner Bass Lesson 3: Walking the bass

Hey, what’s up you guys! Today I’m back slapping the bass! This third installment of my beginner bass guitar lesson series will teach you how to walk the bass! Walking the bass is an important part of being a bass player and this lesson will give you all the information you need to kid the road walking!

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  2. Holy denim!

  3. Marty on bass!

  4. Thanks again Marty for a great video.

  5. This lesson tells you 80% of everything you need to play bass. The other 20% is just learning the notes on each fret which Marty just assumes your know for this vid.

  6. Hey Marty can you show me how to play wishful sinful by the doors, I will give you 3 cows 1 goat and a duck that sings

  7. Can you do a lesson for “where is my mind” but fingerstyle please!!!!!

  8. Is there a lesson 2 for bass, I couldn't find it. Thanks. Really enjoy your videos.

  9. I love the bass lessons. Thanks

  10. Please do more videos with slides!
    Preferably in open D tuning

  11. Thanks for adding some bass lessons. I haven't played my bass for many years so now that I am starting to play again its great to have someplace to get back in the pocket.

  12. I have a request anyway you can teach the theme for spaceballs on guitar

  13. When you start learning an instrument with Marty, you know you are on the right path

  14. Very good, man!

  15. Do F for Effort by Les Vinyl

  16. Such a great instrument. Keeping that rhythm down!

  17. Hi Marty Can you do a guitar lesson for a song called No Dice by Fu Manchu

  18. Day two of asking Marty to make a video on fear inoculum

  19. Next… slap bass

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