Beginner Bass Lesson: Gospel Shouting

Foundational Gospel Shouting Techniques and how to use them.

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  1. GOT IT!!

  2. LOL I play a four…I had to adjust it…I got…thanks for sharing!!

  3. Do you tune your strings differently?

  4. This vid help me a lot thanks

  5. Whitaker's World

    Is there ever a place for slap in shout music or is it always finger picking?

  6. Whitaker's World

    Tremendous lesson – I recently joined an all black church (all black until now!) and they have invited me to try out for their praise team since their former bassist moved. I LOVE the music but it's so much different than what I have been playing in other churches for the past 18 years. So THANK you for this lesson!!

  7. I like the 2nd way he showed better

  8. Great vídeo Good bless you man


    good work, please release lesson on gospel blues scale

  10. Nothing New Under the Sun

    Love your smile and the way you enjoy playing. Looks like you have fun with it

  11. I have wanted to know how to play this on bass for decades! Thank you for posting this excellent video!

  12. Just starting out very good lesson.

  13. Great lesson bro!

  14. Can you teach how to play behind the preacher when he is hyping up the church (its not shouting its like before the church starts to shout) thanks i advance bro

  15. Hi Travis can you make a video with William Mcdowell Life and brake it down

  16. Gracias hermano muy buenos tips de gospel bendiciones.

  17. Sir your grooving on G flat

  18. Great explanation and timing of the run. Well done Bro!!

  19. wawww you are so great brother
    i'm very happy to hear you may God bless and send me when you are the new video in my mail please

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