Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson

This Beginner Blues Guitar Lesson by Jody Worrell will teach you how to play a basic guitar lick out of the Am pentatonic scale. It’s a good starting point to later add more advanced techniques like bends, slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Jody will provide step by step instruction on playing the lick and then demonstrate it along with a jam track.

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  1. amazing video

  2. So simple, yet awesome!

  3. I like your patience. I've been playing guitar & bass for 30 years on and off. I can't seem to master either of them. Don't get me wrong, I do play with other Bands but I'm not sure of myself  (Yikes)

  4. This is not a beginner lesson. Ok, i know what is Blues scale, but the total beginner might not know. Also, i don't personally know hammer and all that stuff

  5. Fantastic, at last  a lesson with tab. After watching many instructors its nice to see someone who knows how to instruct the beginner. Too many just play and think its teaching. Thank you

  6. Great video!

  7. i'm the 20 000 th viewer! lol
    worth a good note for this lesson!

  8. I love this video ~
    cause it have TAB~

  9. Precisionb Brown precisionb Brown

    great lesson! I'm a 25 y +I really veer towards  Bass,. I play Bass only because I taught myself (with a very kittle help). I' tried to teach myself Guitar, which anybody knows, if you don't have that FEEl in you, you probably won't accomplish it well. Thanks for being patient and not yelling at us lol. Ty for a great lesson that I WILL use at my next gig. :)

  10. basit bir pentatoniği götünün zoruyla vermişsin orospu çocuğu

  11. is your stevie ray Vaughn lessons like this? If so then I will buy immediately. Damn this is good…no, this is great!!!

  12. Nice lick

  13. first

  14. New to playing lead guitar?  Our free Beginner Blues Lick lesson will take you through some basics.   #guitar   #guitarlessons  

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