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Hello friends,
welcome back to Swiftlessons for another rhythm guitar tutorial. In today’s session I’ve broken down how to play essential “buskers style” chord shapes – These are super beginner friendly chord forms that allow you to perform various progressions while moving only your first and second fingers. We’ll begin this lesson by learning each chord individually before implementing strumming techniques for a complete practice routine. Let’s get started!

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  1. Роман Николаевич

    Awesome as ever, thanks

  2. Hi swiftlessons, I just came across your youtube channel. I would love it if you could please make a tutorial on how to play Breathe Underwater – Bullet for my Valentine. I'm have trouble playing it, the only tutorial on youtube is in Spanish. Thank you!

  3. Владимир Шангин

    You are really swift!

  4. disarm/Smashing Pumpkins…. if you add a D/F# chord in there.

  5. Very nice chord progression. Nice tones. Thanks!

  6. Bedelia Du Maurier


  7. Another great lesson as always, love the accent too.

  8. So cool! Thank you.

  9. Very cool great lesson man! I've learned so many great lick from you thank you!

  10. Leonard Decoinsy

    Merci pour tes leçons elles sont top ! prends soin de toi et des tiens !! biz de Paris !

  11. Thank You! Another great video! 🙂

  12. sweeeeeeet!

  13. Great lesson

  14. nice hair bro how long did itt ake to grow

  15. BurningTheDreamStream

    Lol, only at 5 mins in I noticed I've known this for years and consider it almost totally insignificant in my playin. That money can be made with this, and that it is actually contributing to people's playin gives me some hope, maybe I am not so incapable as I thought xD

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