Beginner Country Bass Guitar Lesson C-F-G By. Scott Grove

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  1. Dammit Scott ! Now I have to dust off my EB. :)

  2. Scott this is great. I just taught this to the bass player at my new church. he didn't know what I was talking about so I taught him. Hey man do you still have any of the icemans for sale? I have a few guitars I'm selling I think its about time I get my dream guitar even if I have to sell all of my other instruments and my car. Hey man I'm having my surgery tomorrow at 6:30am How is your sister doing? and How are are you doing with your health man? I'm still keeping you both in my prayers man just remember that. I love ya deerly not queerly man.

  3. Thank you once again Scott. You are the greatest, I have learned so much from you over the years. I just want to express my appreciation once again.

  4. Great sounding bass.

  5. Thanks Dr.Groovy. Much appreciated.

  6. Great stuff Scott. You know what? You are an awesome Teacher Dude! You gladly give this shit away all the time, what a testament to your character!!!! I'm not nor never will be interested in bass playing but I watched this whole thing just because I enjoy your teaching prowess.I learned something I had no interest in learning what so ever! How Powerful are you! Jam on Dr. Groovy. P.S. Don't you dare ever let them chase you away again.Good people need good People and there was a tremendous VOID left on You Tube when you left!

  7. Caught a little bit of Arrow Through Me by Wings, lol.

  8. Good lesson that is easy to understand. Some of the concepts explained apply to playing guitar as well. I would like to pick up an inexpensive bass to play around with sometime.

  9. I like the 83 Fender Elite Precision II basses (The ones with the twin p-bass pups) They only made them for like a year and half. And I really haven't been able to find a brand that makes a bass with the same pickup configuration since. I believe they were made by Fender Japan, or Fuji-Gen Gakki as they had a neat 9v battery powered internal preamp and EQ and I dont think fender had (or had thought of) anything like that stateside. Actually, Schecter makes, or made a Nikki Sixx Bass like that, But I can't stand motley crue and I hated the shape anyway.

  10. Jefferson Einstein

    Great lesson! I don't even have a bass but it turns out my guitar has those strings too and I got a lot of ideas from this. Was that the Rainsong in the backing track by any chance?  Thank you for the tips Rock on!

  11. Did you watch Noisy with Ace! look it up G.

  12. The nut looks a little displaced. If you plan to fix it I'd love a video about that – it looks like an interesting guitar :)

  13. I want Lynda to watch this so she understands she already KNOWS IT! Good Video Dr Groovy! A little re enforcement never hurts a person! Explain the 5-6-7 root walk up! Oh… you do… lol… thanks again!

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