Beginner Country Lead Guitar Lesson

Go to to learn about this beginner intermediate lead course, and many other country guitar style lessons.

Learn how to play country lead guitar and solo over any song. This course is designed with the beginner and intermediate player in mind. These lessons iare over 9 hours long and covers everything from the basic barr chords, picking techniques, bends, slides, hammer-on and pull-offs, played over easy scales.

You’ll learn the 7 most common scales used for country lead guitar solos and 7 ways to play all of them up and down the entire fret board. This course includes 18 solo examples broken down note for note and 80 jam tracks in various keys! Over 80 tablature examples and diagram too.
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  1. AWESOME..Ken…

  2. Are you playing the Seymour Duncan Broadcaster in the bridge?

  3. I’m ordering these DVD’s for myself on Friday. Going to finally learn how to make that Telecaster of mine to talk!!

  4. Glad I found you Ken….signed up!


    Do u ship the DVD s to England ? Where's the details ?

  6. love the twang on that tele…what brand of pickups are they..

  7. Hey are those compensated steel saddles? What make thanks! Merry Christmas!

  8. That looks like Vince Gills guitar. Sounds like it too

  9. Ken, I've got your Country Rhythm Guitar course and it is absolutely fantastic! The course has so much good material in it. But it is Ken's teaching style and ability that makes the course fun and learn-able. I had never played country rhythm before. Thanks to Ken's course, I'm a passable country picker now. Thanks, Ken…. looking forward to picking up more of your lessons.

  10. great instruction

  11. Man, I LOVE that "Crazy Arms"!  Worth buying just to learn that! LOL  Great job!!

  12. What kind of Tele is that and what type of pickups do you have installed? It looks and sounds great.

  13. You are the best on the tube

  14. Hi Ken,
    I downloaded the 14 modules 🙂
    By the way …Great tone !!! …Is that a Broadcaster pickup in bridge position? … what do you recommend for both pickups?

  15. Ok this looks mouth watering!! Cant wait.

  16. Sounds amazing! How many $$$ for this great material?

  17. Hey Ken,
    Please add a link to where we can buy the course … 🙂

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