Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson 2 (1 Finger Power Chords)

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  1. Do eddie and the cruisers for me bud

  2. What was the strum pattern

  3. Yep. It's nice to do a Zep style bend on the G as you go back to the A power chord. 🙂

  4. Foundations

  5. Hi Marty,
    I want to ask you a video question in order to understand a concept about scale of the my regional folk music.
    How can I do that…

  6. More Alice In Chains please!

  7. What settings on the amp is that.

  8. been digging since the 70's… haven't reached china yet

  9. Hey Marty another request if you will it’s called farewell ballad by Zakk Wylde pleas and thanks and awesome video I have learned a lot from so thank you very much.

  10. Hey, again Marty! I know I already asked for one Bob Dylan song already (blowing in the wind), but I have another if you don't mind. Mr.Tambourine Man. Thanks again for the vids! Keep doing you!

  11. Very sharp, clear streaming and the SG is GREAT

  12. Vault101 Vault Tec

    Hey Marty can you do a
    how to play
    (If I needed someone by the Beatles)

  13. Teach us ziggy stardust Marty!

  14. Redneck crazy Outdoors

    Could you do a tutorial on how to play Marty Robbins Big Iron I’m really struggling with it

  15. Marty, I've been asking this for a long time now, can you PLEASE do cancer by twenty one pilots? (fingerstyle) Please, I have been begging for a while now an all you do is heart my comment.

  16. hey Marty, How about a Flying Turkey Trot lesson? RIP Gary Richrath

  17. hey manmy dad bought me and my brothers and sister a guitar and the first person who taught me was you and i learned songs but now im a musician i produce write and make music and i want to add guitar into my songs but i wanna know if you can give me a program on what subjest should i start with and what should i move to next cause i want to be able to play whatever on any scale/key

  18. Kinga Szczepańska

    Thank you so much for this lesson I've wanted to play Electric for a long time now

  19. From the bottom…Easter Bunny Gets Drunk At Easter

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