Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson 4 – Open Chords

Open chords or cowboy chords; it doesn’t matter what you call them. These basic chords are essential for any beginning guitar player to learn and will help you play your favorite songs!

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  1. love the videos man, but where do we go from here?

  2. Great job Marty. With the major guitar manufacturers deep in the red our favorite big box music store (GC), also in the red, you have a great platform to help entice the new player to help maintain the music economy.Keep up the great videos.

  3. Now u should make intermediate courses

  4. MArty, what's after the beginner lesson? pls make another lesson

  5. Are you sure it wasn't the bad kool aid? LOL

  6. Charles Strange

    Can u do a lesson on Drivin N Cryin song Jesus Christ off songs for the turntable and Whisper Tames The Lion which is title track. Both are rocking southern rock types of jams from one of Atlanta’s best rock bands

  7. Can you please do the ghost of you by mcr

  8. Gabriel Connell

    Can you teach the song Cucurucu by Nick Mulvey because I can’t find any other lesson and it’s a song really want to learn. Please can you teach this song.

  9. Hallbjorn The Fire Breather

    Hey Marty, big fan. Your video have legit helped me a lot. Do you think you could do a tutorial/ lesson on "Rx (medicate)" by theory of a deadman?

  10. Can you do brothers on the slide by cymande great funky riff

  11. Can you do the rain song by led zepplin guitar lesson

  12. XXXtentasion 3

    Stiff opper lip

  13. Hadouken Cookie

    Marty if it wasent for you and a couple of other guitar playing youtubers and my love for Classic rock and metal i would of quit playing guitar awhile ago. Anytime I have a song in mind that i want to learn I come straight to you're channel first to see if you have a video of it posted like just now i wanted to learn how to play Nothing else matters – Metallica and I realize I'm not even close to doing anything but the first part that you showed! but I still enjoy studying those videos man, thank you for all you're help! I also did not quit guitar by any means and don't plan to.

  14. Thank you ur videos helps a lot could u teach gamblers roll by the allman brothers

  15. Do come and get your love by redbone

  16. Play Ohio by Crosby, Stills,Nash and Young

  17. I hear that 'TIME'. nice

  18. Can you do the song atlas rise

  19. ScavengingOpossum

    Can you do Girls Got Rhythm by AC/DC?

  20. 100% you should do a a tutorial on dumpweed by blink 182 🙂

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