Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson: How to Tap (Tapping)


This is a video specifically for beginners or those who are new to the concept of tapping. I do talk a lot in this video. This is due to the fact that it is intended for beginners. If you don’t want to hear me thoroughly explain the mechanics and basics of tapping, then skip about halfway through the video. This is about how to do three finger, one string tapping patterns. Please rate, subscribe, favorite and comment! Leave suggestions for future guitar lessons in the comments!


  1. Can you do Gift of Guilt by Gojira? That is a song with tapping and quickly switching to strumming really quickly. Thanks!

  2. akalanka fernando

    Thank you so much! Now I know how to tap but I don"t know how to combine it with a solo. How to do it?????????

  3. you couldn't even be bothered to tune to E standard which is what most people play at.

  4. What kind of amp should I use? I have a Blackstar, and it does not have a Gain. I have an MXR distortion and its cranked all the way up, but I'm barely hearing the taps.

  5. do you have advice for why my fuitar isint loud enough for tapping?

  6. seththeguitarguy

    Thank you!

  7. "Hey Stephen, you suck at guitar!"

  8. trying one by metallica… wish me luck

  9. your guitar is fucking awesome were do i get one

  10. thanks dude that helped
    (not being sarcastic

  11. Thanx this really helped!!! Great video.

  12. Very useful lesson, thanks a lot. Short and to the point!

  13. Very useful lesson, thanks a lot. Short and to the point!

  14. Graeme Robertson

    Like all the other tapping videos, very little about amp settings compression etc and how to apply the tapping finger to get decent volume..

  15. u don't have your other guitar's???? what the hell r those thing's hanging behind you then lolol???……………The 1st guitarist to bring the tapping effect into the rock scene was…….Steve Hackett from Genesis..( 1971-1977 ) these years r considered the ghost guitar years from Hackett cause of the sounds he invented,created and mastered….eddie van halen adopted this technique after seeing a genesis concert in 1972 then went on to overuse it…. very good upload,thanks

  16. how can i tap the rest of the strings

  17. Sweet this is a piece of cake now!

  18. Skulltey (AKA SkrillFANofS0n1c)

    Man thanks so much, I can sorta tap now! I can't believe it's quite easy lol thanks!

  19. Nolan, it's more about the gain you put in. The GAIN parameter of your amp increases the volume of your quiet sounds while not touching the louder ones. Also check the noise gate parameter (if you have one) of your pedal or amp, since the noise gate can make the quiet sounds to sound even more quiet.

    You can also use an external compressor if your amp doesn't have the GAIN controller. A compressor will replace that function.

  20. Cry of the banshee

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