Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson: Power Moves with Power Chords

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  1. this really helped, im trying to play some old blink songs are they play the power chords so fast and i just wasnt able to keep up. But now i can play up to tempo!

  2. That thumb "pivot" is a revelation to me Jim. Thankyou

  3. thanks for the easy to follow lessons mate

  4. I'd never come across any of these techniques – so straightforward and effective. I'm in your debt, sir.

  5. Your tip at the end of the video about using the pinky and index finger is so good. I've discovered it myself when looking at how vogg from decapitated (technical death metal band but really a ridiculously good guitar player) plays his ridiculous fast power chord riffs. It's good to see you point it out in this lesson because I feel way too little people that like riffing know this technique. It really does make it that much more relaxed and naturally that much more accurate and fast!

  6. Thank You Jim Bowley 🙂

  7. Awesome teacher!! Great stuff!

  8. I also usually take the powerchord with fingers one and four, but that makes it pretty much impossible for me to play a power chord verry high up the neck, because my hands are pretty big

  9. Alessandro Riccobono

    Great job! Your lessons are AWESOME! I think I'll have to watch'em all. Thanks a lot

  10. You are one of the best teachers I've ever seen. Good job and thanks for the lessons.

  11. Jeroen van der Velden

    Thank you!

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