Beginner Electric Guitar Lick Lesson

This beginner electric guitar lick lesson by Jody Worrell is in the key of A. Watch more free guitar lessons at


  1. Hi Jody !
    I loved your rolling finger technique !
    Thanks !

  2. How do you do the vibrato? I can't get it to work at all.

  3. Hi, how setup apm for rock, blues. Thank you.

  4. A younger Bill Ward teaching us?:)

  5. First of all, great lesson, I love it when I notice my guitar playing is getting better.
    second, I notice your ring and middle finger always stick together.
    When I play, whether it is this lick or any other thing I tend to move my fingers separate all the time. Is this wrong? How can I train this?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. dude 😀 the playing at the end 😀 im stuck on it for 15 mins now it's so rewarding 😀

  7. rony doin sormin


  8. super easy. thanks

  9. Nice little lesson!

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