Beginner Electric Lesson 1 – Your Very First Electric Guitar Lesson

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  2. 888!)

  3. Very nice for the beginner.

  4. Thx Matry you r the best!! You learned me how to play Smells like teen spirit! Thx!

  5. Great teacher

  6. As I had my very first acoustic lessons with you, always wanted my go-to electric's tutor to be you as well! Seeing you age with my guitar journey. Thank you for this! Looking forward to this series!
    Regards from Nepal.

  7. I’ve been playing for about 4 months and this still is super useful. You should absolutely continue this series

  8. I have to thank you, this was a request i commented on one of your videos so it's nice to see this youre the best.

  9. smoke on the water riff detected!!

  10. Great lesson sir! Looking forward to the remaining lessons in the series.

  11. Thank you marty for starting this series!! I just got an electric so this is gonna help alot!

  12. Could you do a lesson of freak on a leash by Korn? I don’t think anyone on YouTube has done a really good one

  13. Do lesson 2?

  14. I opened the video and was like huh, Marty’s tone doesn’t sound as good as usual, and then I saw the Epiphone and Blackstar.

  15. Spike's Guitar Woodshed

    So inspired by your picking and info. Got me playing more, starting a Woodshed channel!!

  16. This is a great lesson and you are super cool but i have one question. You kept calling the thickest string the first but i learned it the other way around. Where you would say E A D G B E I was tought
    E B G D A E with the thinnest string being the first. Whats up with that and is it a big deal?

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