Beginner Finger Tapping Rock Guitar Lesson

Beginner Finger Tapping Rock Guitar Lesson

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Basic Finger Tapping Lesson – Lick of the Week 7-26-16
Hello friends and welcome to another Swiftlessons Lick of the Week, powered by Patreon. In this tutorial I’ll break down basic finger tapping technique, and a common lick that is ideal for beginners. We’ll begin by studying the intervals of our pentatonic scale, before learning to play it’s notes on a single string, revealing the notes that we can fret or tap. Let’s get started!

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  1. Isaiah Williams

    I'm just watching this cause I saw Isaiah Sharkey do this w chords

  2. Draoswaarg Baal

    What about acoustic guitars without amp

  3. do you need a sustain pedal for tapping

  4. any tips for the Reapers intro by MUSE

  5. Reptiles, Fish, and More

    Need to watch a bunch of tapping techniques to learn cool things for my 8 string lol other than using my ear to know where to tap im trying to understand HOW to know where to tap using the scales

  6. Tapping is probably the easiest skill. Not even kidding

  7. Which pedal do you need?
    Can you please answer this question?

  8. Do u NEED gain? I have a line 6 spider v 240 and when I tap the amp doesn’t lick it up

  9. Random Individual

    "Let's learn a very easy and typical technique." dog runs away quickly

  10. How do people pull off using just their pinky finger.
    Call me a pansy but that shit hurt

  11. DiscordMarauder

    Damn my short pinkies

  12. McKinley Africa



    I wanted to learn reapers by muse that’s why I clicked on this vid haha

  14. Rosalina Fresnosa

    Got a guitar ad watching this

  15. 2:51 ooOOoooo

  16. Why he don't vchcu

  17. Julian Emil Santos

    i am confident you are scottish

  18. Sick and medicinal m/

    Nice explanation! One thing that helped me a ton is just learning the scale you want to use and then learn the second form of the same scale. Kinda the same concept but it goes across all six strings.

  19. Hafizuddin Adli

    hai bro.i want asking something, we must put high gain for this technique.noise pedal also?cause im afraid got buzz on my guitar..sory for my english.

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