Beginner Guitar Lesson Stage 1: The D Chord, Super Easy First Guitar Chord! (BC-111)

Beginner Guitar Lesson Stage 1: The D Chord, Super Easy First Guitar Chord! (BC-111)

In this lesson we are going to be checking out the D chord, possibly your very first chord. 🙂

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  1. hope to someday there's somebody who can teach me personally :)

  2. can someone help me 'cause I always block the e string by my 4 finger or the finger in the 3rd fret

  3. Leann Rose De Juan

    sir. . can i strum it simply. . .?? just a simply strum. . ?? help me plaese

  4. Is not easy but i want to learning… guitar….

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  6. This really helped, thank you.

  7. I got this now, just make sure the 1st & 2nd finger is in upward direction & not tilted towards the guitar body. Otherwise the last 2 strings give a squeaky sound. Thank you so much Justin :)

  8. This is awesome! Especially love how detailed and step-by step the instructions are. And you also get to tell beginners what they're doing wrong if it sounds a little different! I'm having trouble bending my third finger to not touch the e-string…are there any particular exercises that can be done to help with the fingers flexibility for playing the guitar?

  9. Thank you so much for this lesson

  10. thank u you are the best

  11. Thank you for sharing your guitar wisdom. I got a guitar as a gift but no lessons to support it!

  12. small mouth shaped marks ( on my finger tips….seems like they are in agony

  13. thankkkkkkkk you! you are the best!!!!

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  15. Oh man this hurts my fingers!

  16. i wish that I can learn how to play a guitar because I wanna have some band;-)

  17. i wish that I can learn how to play a guitar because I wanna have some banf

  18. so you only strum those 3 strings w pick hand…not using top 3 strings…right?

  19. Your explanations are excellent, your videos are really helpful, so thank you! : )
    By the way I think I know a song with just one chord, it's called 'Deeper Well', by Emmylou Harris.

  20. i switched my first and second finger around and found it easier…….. is that a go our bad thing?

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