Beginner Guitar Lessons : Acoustic Guitar Tricks and Embellishments to Practice

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  1. Right On Marty. Thanks!

  2. WOW that's cool!!!!!!
    I'm actually 9. I have vids too! You should watch them at Michael Schidek

  3. Cool !!

  4. Thanks Marty, I'm a 58 yr old occasional player. I've learned a lot from your vids, and now I'm playing more because of your easy lessons.

  5. Fox girl (mika muffin)

    to fast for biginers

  6. perfect lesson. thanks a lot Marty

  7. you played good

  8. Kia ora (good health) tena koe (greetings to you) Marty, Steven here from New Zealand, I'm not worried if I don't win your DVDs but I like the way you explain things which makes it so much easier. I have only known how to play chords for the last 20 years and didn't know how to play scales and now I realise there's so much more to learn so keep the video clips coming and I'll keep watching, ka kite (bye bye).

  9. This pretty much puts this style within my grasp with a little consistent practice. Been looking for something like this to improve my style. Besides needing these DVDs, I DESERVE these DVDs! (more than Denis)

  10. 3:18 if you want to skip straight to the juice. And believe me, the juice is good!

  11. I deserve those dvds, because i please need them. I will not go buy things on ; how to play guitar; because im shy. So i will simply ask. Ill let u people know if i won!?

  12. I'm a beginner for the 3rd time, but now that I have found your lessons, I think this time it's finally going to work! great teacher you are, yes…

  13. lol nice lesson but anytime i play my guitar makes weird noises

  14. Great guitarists always wanna see others excel, and enjoy the beauty of music.Thanks for being such a generous teacher.

  15. Bruce Peterson Photography

    I am a 65 year old re – beginner like Ron Z. Your videos are awesome. For a guy like me they are perfect.

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  17. thanks mans!!!

  18. Hector Perez-Martin

    Thanks! At 43 years of age is a bit overwhelming trying to learn so much, but you do break it down to easy chunks that are easy to master. I do appreciate the time you dedicate to it.

  19. I've been learning for over 50 years, start, stop start, stop, but started again and I find your videos very essy to follow, tgank you

  20. "Sugar daddy" guitar lesson from vinyl ost. Plz!!!!! :)

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