Beginner Guitar Power Chords !

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You can’t rock without Power Chords – and they’re EASY ! Finally….something a beginner can play that sounds PRO, because everybody uses Power Chords: The Beatles, punk, metal, grunge, indie… This video will get you up and running in a hurry. Grab your guitar and add to your skills TODAY !


  1. Melissaj Vaaganay

    I love playing guitar. 😀

  2. what a pinky stretch..good pinky tip to start higher on the fretboard to work your pinky into the stretch..I feel it pinky shed a tear…thanks Jonathan..

  3. Good way of teaching guiter for beginners Sir. Thanks.

  4. Your mic is so cheap that it distorts but it sounds like distortion when you play.

  5. Loved this lesson!

  6. Cool….. .. . Thank you

  7. 4:34 he knew that im here bcz of nirvana lmao

  8. Awesome Teacher..Thank you sir.

  9. The best guitar teacher ever on youtube…

  10. choochoochooseyou

    The disheartening thing about this and other vids teaching this topic is when they go on and on about how easy they are. If they were easy we wouldn't be here watching. It's like telling a non-driver that driving is easy. Puts me right off.

  11. Thank you you are so clear with instructions.

  12. omar kenneth Brito

    sir can a 24 years old might still learn to play guitar?

  13. I’m really having trouble getting my pointer and ring fingers to stretch enough

  14. Līzzîë Båbïê

    I feel like I’m the only one who is confused on how he’s doing the first cord and I feel dumb but I have re watched the over and over and still can’t get it

  15. This guy publicly puts his number out for everyone, are we even on earth

  16. Excellent tips Jonathan, I'm a beginner guitar from Argentina. it helped me specially for the use of the "pinkie finger", it's quite difficult for rookies like me. Thanks for this excellent video

  17. thanks man,for the leaks

  18. My ring finger is not obeying. It's quite a stretch

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